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Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Listen to His Customers

“Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Listen to His Customers” A Critique To The Customers’ Feedback Through Focus Groups. Focus Groups are a powerful tool to any organisation. That is unquestionable! Wether you are developing a new product or service, a brand or a marketing plan getting outside insights will always ensure you will get the optimal30

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PadMapper – Online Videos Powerful Tools (with video)

Online videos are a powerful tool to support online sales. They can transmit a better idea of the product the user is interested in. Online videos, a “must have” tool for the companies’ websites? This post is mainly to divulge 6 creative examples of product videos to inspire you and to help building awareness of the importance and30

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Setting The Stage For Digital Leadership (with video)

SETTING THE STAGE FOR DIGITAL LEADERSHIP Dell and Gatorade independently launched “social media command centres” in 2010/2011. The following video shows how these two firms are using technological resources in order to track their activities and manage their reputation through social media. The aim is to identify how many times their company’s name is mentioned,30

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